Are you on track to become chief marketing officer one day? Perhaps you have ambitions to lead your own company to greatness? Does the opportunity to prove yourself by building a sales and marketing function from scratch sound like your sort of challenge? If so, read on.

FindEd are looking for someone who loves finding customers in large numbers. Someone who sets ambitious goals for themselves and achieves them. Someone who can build sales funnels and execute big marketing campaigns. Someone who’s obsessed with improving performance, has experience in blended marketing and knows how to build trust.

We’ll go into more detail about the role in a second but first, a little about the company.

About FindEd

We’re an edtech startup dedicated to tackling teacher recruitment and retention in education. The idea came about when we spoke to headteachers and asked what the biggest problem facing education was. ‘Teacher recruitment and retention’ came back the loudest, so we did our homework and found that it seemed to be a problem everywhere.

  • 56% of schools are paying recruitment agencies between £1000-10,000 per vacancy.
  • The average spend on advertising is £17,000 per year
  • Yet 79% of schools still find recruitment problematic

Anecdotally, schools told us that they were spending a lot on advertising, weren’t getting enough quality applicants through the door and had ever shrinking budgets to contend with. On the other side of the coin, teachers were telling us that they were frustrated with trawling job boards, copy and pasting word applications and wondering when they might hear back.

It became clear that we weren’t going to help much by offering yet another recruitment service or place to advertise with similar costs. So we decided to rethink job advertising from the ground up, with the goals of increasing applicants and saving a whole lot of time and money in the process.

A New Online Platform Matching Teachers and Schools

Rather than spending thousands on job advertising and recruitment fees, hoping that they work this time, we thought it would be better if schools could go to a website, tell it which teachers they were looking for and find them directly. Then they could be sure that their vacancy was reaching the right people and none of the budget was wasted on trying to stand out on an overcrowded page.

We also thought candidates would be more likely to apply for the vacancy if, rather than searching job boards and writing dozens of emails, they received the job straight to their phones and could apply with one click.

So, we built a website that does just that. It’s now live at The next step is getting it out to the world, and that’s where you come in:

Building A Company and Your Career At The Same Time

The role offers an opportunity to plan, build and execute a marketing and sales function from the ground up. To take full ownership of your own work and continually improve the performance of your area of the business. Fantastic for fast tracking your career and learning about all aspects of getting a business off the ground, this role is suitable for anyone looking to make the leap to C-level sales and marketing. This is the experience you want on your CV.


  • Generating revenue according to agreed targets
  • Building and managing a sales funnel
  • Planning and executing 3 campaigns per year
  • Building and managing brand assets

Skills and Experience Required

The ideal person will have:

  • A track record of driving revenue
  • A marketing and sales playbook that they have already implemented elsewhere
  • Detailed knowledge of every stage of the funnel.
  • Experience of running campaigns across a broad range of channels – direct, social media, press, email etc.
  • Creative experience – building a brand and associated assets, whether directly or working with freelancers/agencies according to brand guidelines.
  • Curating content – reaching out to people, interviewing, assimilating and redistributing.
  • Experience of the UK education market preferable but not essential for a fast learner.

The Other Details

As employee no.3, you’ll be working closely with the founder/CEO and head of technology/operations. You’ll also be responsible for recruiting and managing freelancers in your area of the business.

We’re fully distributed so you are free to work from wherever you wish. We arrange all communications online with in person meet-ups from time to time. You will need your own computer and internet connection.

Proposed working hours are 40 per week but happy to hear proposals from people with different availability. The most important thing is that you can meet the responsibilities. Salary is negotiable depending on skills and experience.

What To Do Next

If this is you, connect with me on LinkedIn and introduce yourself. We’ll take it from there.

If you know someone who fits the bill, point them towards this blog.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon.