The united nations has committed to giving every child a quality education by 2030 as one of 17 global goals. The single most important ingredient in a quality education is a great teacher.

Whether it’s live in person (direct), watching a video (indirect), one to one, or one to many, a great teacher is almost always behind our most important learning experiences. This is especially true in the formative stages, where great teachers change the rest of our lives.

Unfortunately, we’re facing a global shortage of teachers right now and whilst trends are heading in a positive direction, we’re not moving fast enough. 61% of countries will not have enough primary teachers in classrooms by 2020 and at our current rate of progress, we’re still looking at a 34% shortfall by 2030. As a global society, we need to recruit and train 25.8 million teachers over the next 14 years to fill this gap, which means improving on two counts:

  1. Recruiting more of the right teachers into the profession.
  2. Creating the right conditions to keep them there.

Governments have a role to play in this and will be looking to fix the problem through the broad strokes of changing  policy, but there’s no need for us to sit around and wait for things to happen. There’s a big opportunity for the teaching and entrepreneurial community to contribute, starting with some original thinking on the problem and then crucially, doing something about it. Here’s some of my ideas.

How would you make it happen?