It’s been 7 months since I decided that the teacher shortage problem was the one to tackle next. Since then, a team has been assembled, we’ve taken a view on which aspect of the problem we should work on first and have been busy designing, coding and getting prepared for the journey we’re about to set out on.

Introducing FindEd

The idea for FindEd came about when we spoke to headteachers and asked what the biggest problems facing education were. The answer that came back the loudest was teacher recruitment and retention, so we did our homework and found that it seemed to be a problem everywhere.

  • 56% of schools are paying recruitment agencies between £1000-10,000 per vacancy.
  • The average spend on advertising is £17,000 per year
  • Yet 79% of schools still find recruitment problematic

Anecdotally, schools told us that they were spending a lot on advertising, weren’t getting enough quality applicants through the door and had ever shrinking budgets to contend with.

On the other side of the coin, teachers were telling us that they were frustrated with trawling job boards, copy and pasting word applications and wondering when they might hear back.

It became clear that we weren’t going to help much by offering yet another recruitment service or place to advertise with similar costs. So we decided to rethink job advertising from the ground up, with the goals of increasing applicants and saving a whole lot of time and money in the process.

A New Online Platform Matching Teachers and Schools

Rather than spending thousands on job advertising and recruitment fees, hoping that they work this time, we thought it would be better if schools go to a website, tell it which teachers they were looking for and find them directly. Then they could be sure that your vacancy was reaching the right people and none of the budget was wasted on trying to stand out on an overcrowded page.

We also thought candidates would be more likely to apply for your vacancy if, rather than searching job boards and writing dozens of emails, they received the job straight to their phones and could apply with one click.

So, we built a website that does just that. It’s due to launch in early February.

How Schools And Teachers Can Benefit For Free

As well as being free to teachers, every school can claim a free account too, which allows them to send vacancies to matching teachers. Since candidates only see relevant jobs, there’s a much higher chance of them seeing your role and acting on it.

There will also be a pro account, which allows one click applications, feedback from potential candidates and saves hours on shortlisting.

The website will be launching in February and we’re currently seeking partner schools to help get this process started.

So let’s Get Started…

If stage 1 of this project works, we’ll see the cost of recruitment in education drop by a staggering 96%. For that to happen, we need schools and teachers to hear about it, so if you like what you’ve read, please share the news with like minded schools and teachers. You can also

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