I’ve been a little quiet with the blog recently because I’m in the midst of starting a new company. Doing that and writing about it at the same time is tricky, because the doing requires so much brain space that there’s not much left for writing. Starting a company occupies a lot of grey matter because it involves making hundreds of new decisions every day. Routine decisions, like what to have for lunch, require a lot less effort because we’ve made them many times before. New decisions are a lot more taxing.

It reminds me of when I first started teaching, another time when everything was new. Unexpected situations seem to come from every angle and you’re constantly deciding what to do with them. It happens so many times in one day that by the time you’ve packed up and gone home, your head can feel a bit like Jonny Brownlee at the end of a triathlon. The good news is that because of all this mental marathoning, your brain hard wires those decisions so that they’re not nearly as taxing next time round. You learn to recognise similar situations and take care of them automatically, which is extremely helpful when it comes to such an all encompassing job.

This September, thousands of new teachers are experiencing this as they step up to lead a class for the first time, including the 17 musicians (pictured above) who have just started with Rocksteady Music School. I wish you every success in getting to grips with your new role and remember, whilst your head might be spinning to start with, hang in there. Your brain will soon catch up and you’ll be handling classes like a pro before you can say Christmas.

Have fun and enjoy the journey. There aren’t many like it.