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#1 The Introduction

Published: 31-10-2019

Serving as an introduction to myself shortly informing you of my past and what I've done to decide I needed to start writing.

It’s about time isn’t it, well for me and the people who are familiar, don’t worry you will be as well if you’re currently not clued in… The first introductory blog, how great is that! If you’re prepared and expecting to be baffled, read an interesting topic and get to know more about that subject. Nope, hold on for a moment there… Lower those expectations. As an introductory blog, I’ll be focusing on my story, how I became who I am today (The short version) and why I decided to write as a job and start my own company and launch this website.

Let’s get started at the very beginning... In December 1993 a young. Okay not that far… But I’m Mark the humble writer behind this blog, raised in my hometown of Oudkarspel, the Netherlands writing for an extent of about seven years. It wasn’t always stories that I wrote, not rhymes or poetry either actually I never figured out that I enjoyed writing, until seven years ago that is. What I started with were movie reviews as I said before.. Great, he’s repeating things already... Stick with me! Seven years ago I put just a small little review, or actually I wouldn’t even call it that, it was more like commentary… Similar to your aunt telling you she just saw the new Lion King movie and how good she thought it was… I’ve improved since then and my current reviews look a lot different than they did back then. But something was formed in those early reviewing days, and I still do write film reviews and greatly enjoy them, might do a blog soon focusing on that as this blog is getting sidetracked.  

The next question you’d probably ask is how and where I've been educated. Not anywhere I’d say, no bachelor in journalism or even media college… I did look into it at a certain point but all I really even did was cooking and IT college both were good, wouldn’t be able to cook as well if I didn’t follow the initial college and I wouldn’t be able to.. to.. I actually have no idea what I was supposed to learn at the IT college, ridiculous, spent my days there arguing with the teacher (Mostly one particular old lady grown detached with current advancements in computers & technology) eventually getting in meetings with the director of the school spending my time focusing on what was wrong or lacking about the education they were offering. Truly ridiculous but it happened and if anything I might have improved in some aspects due to those confrontations.

Since those times I’ve started writing more and more, stories, reviews, and now blogs. I certainly hope you’ll all enjoy these blogs and I’m convinced my writing style will appeal to at least some of you.

The next blog will be about my previous job and how I made the decision to leave and start my own company, a full-time job at the computer manufacturer Dell, well in a callcenter actually guess I did end up doing something with that IT education.


Until the next one!

Author: Mark de Graaf