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#3 What the Blog! (Year-In Reviews preview)

Published: 22-12-2020

What the Blog! (Year-in awards)


It’s been a while, over the last six years I’ve been watching and reviewing an abundance of films. It started with something relatively simple, nothing more than some basic recommendations but something just clicked. It transformed into a more dedicated effort and writing actual reviews. Things change… Whether it’s style, consistency or output, all changes were good in a way. This year came the biggest change, where I have reviewed as many films published in 2020 as I could, whatever genre to give people my opinions about as many films possible. While it is impossible to truly watch everything, I believe I’ve seen the majority of noteworthy films this year.

Is this a return to blogging, I’d like to say yes, but I’m not going to confirm anything, If there will be constant blogs, they won’t be as planned before focusing on real-world issues my thoughts and views on different things. Instead, I want to keep Mark’s Remarks in its current state, all movies, all the time. If the blogs return they will be about film or the industry.

For the topic of this blog, I have something short yet exciting I had planned for this time of the year, The Year-in Awards. It’s a personal type of Oscars, and I’m looking back to the movies that came out between 01-01-2020 and 31-12-2020. Listed will be the standard awards given at ceremonies like the Oscars.

That includes (Subject to change):

Best Director

Best Male & Female Leads

Best Production & Style

Best Special Effects

Best Animation

Best Costuming

Best Soundtrack

Best in a Specific Genre

It’s been great to make up the list of award winners and contenders, and I’m not going to stretch this blog out too much. I hope everyone will get a kick out of reading my choices and perhaps be able to catch up on some of the very best films to be published this year.

Author: Mark de Graaf