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#4 A brisk dive into on film criticism

Published: 09-01-2021

In the past, I've frequently heard people disregarding the opinion of film critics; This is an opinion that I feel I should explore a little; in this blog, I'll be explaining my thoughts and assess the topic.

One of the main reasons to entirely disregard a critic's opinions is best explained with one thing, Passion. This hypothetical person has likely seen a movie that they absolutely loved, yet the critic's review tore it down. As a reviewer, I've done this less and less; I'm trying to focus more on the positives. Regardless of glaring issues or annoyances with the film, they will come to light, nevertheless if they stand out enough. However let us get into the negative evaluation of a movie loved by that hypothetical person, this simply comes down to differing opinions, not everybody has to agree, and that is wonderful, instead of looking at something black and white, find a compromise despite not being able to discuss it with the critic himself directly. Likely the critic does have some valid points.

Film criticism is not for everyone. Reading a text of someone's opinion about a movie while you could see it yourself is a logical point of view. Yet some people prefer to have a short breakdown, to be able to use their time most effectively. Perhaps working a busy job and only getting the time once or twice a week to watch something, in that case reading reviews whether their shining a negative or positive light on a movie turns their difficult decision into a trivial choice and no effort needed from them to look for something themselves. Honestly, one of the biggest reason I love reviewing is the surprise factor; there are so many movies out and thousands more being released every year, good or bad, it is exciting to uncover.

To some user reviews are more appealing. Professional reviews can feel long-winded, paragraphs of text going into detail about the different aspects of the film, there is too much depth, while users can be more brash and impulsive, in a good way. Well, sometimes in a good way. They speak there mind like you're having a conversation with a friend and can be quite direct in their judgement. There are pros and cons to either format of the review.

It seems like an easy job to write about movies, yet it isn't. The task in reviewing is to analyse. During a period in my life, I stopped reviewing entirely; it took me weeks if not months to watch a movie in a "regular" way. As a critic, you don't just look at your basic interpretation, the black and white, the good or bad—the analysis factors in everything from cinematic style to the soundtrack and everything in between.

The reason critics exist is that inherently they adore movies in any form. What I started with was a simple mindset; I loved movies so the films I did watch, I covered. Mostly leading to positive opinions and mostly seeing a particular genre. That is where it was a hobby for me, the way of looking at films has changed, whether we're talking about scope, style or angle as with anything you can learn and progress In film criticism. It is not necessary to go to university and study film or journalism, in my opinion. It can help, but most important is being a sponge to anything related to the industry.

Every review that comes up is like a discovery. Somebody put hard work and love in something creative, and it's more exciting than anything to see if it's fantastic or bad.

Movie criticism is not about degrading directors or shaming productions; instead, it is genuinely wanting the best for the business and moviegoers.

Author: Mark de Graaf