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Holly Slept Over (2020)Review

Holly Slept Over (Comedy) (2020)


Director: Joshua Friedlander

Writers: Joshua Friedlander

Stars: Josh Lawson, Britt Lower, Nathalie Emmanuel, Ron Livingston

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The title says it all, Noel (Josh Lawson) and Audra (Britt Lower) have been married for years and are now trying to conceive their first child together. Their marriage has been lacking a romantic spark and sexual excitement after being together for so long but once Audra receives a message from her old college-roommate who asks if she could stay over while she’s in town Noel is getting some ideas to potentially spice things up.

That’s pretty much it; it’s a simple plot as friends/neighbours Noel and Pete (Ron Livingston) are discussing their sex lives trying to get some more excitement back now that it’s lacking after either getting married or in Pete’s case getting children. The film is quite difficult to get into, set in a typical suburban neighbourhood; it’s almost like you’re peeking over a random strangers fence waiting for some juicy gossip. The gossip is certainly there but, it’s not very engaging, as the men find out that Audra has been sexually experimenting with the ex-roommate Holly (Nathalie Emmanuel) What bothered me most was the build-up to when Holly actually got introduced. As the characters are almost archaic in there reactions of a woman sleeping with another woman, I really started to doubt if this was a 2020 film, and I could’ve understood it if it was brought as a comedic effect, but to the naked eye that does not appear to be the case.

While slated as a Comedy, it isn’t funny as in a traditional comedy, later on, once the characters are better developed, it starts making more sense but if you’re waiting for even one joke, keep waiting, but I cannot guarantee they’ll come. The comedy that is there is brought however is more in the way of complete awkwardness and ineptitude as Noel tries to wrap his head around asking his wife and her old friend to engage in a threesome, I’m not sure what the target audience is or if I’m included in that group, but eventually, I did get into it. Still, it took a longer time than I’m familiar or comfortable with.

At first, it surprised me to see someone like Natalie Emmanuel in a small movie like this as I was sure she should’ve broken through after her supporting role in Game of Thrones of all things; still, she’s perfect for the part, the character described as Holly is connecting perfectly and other cast members do just as well in their individual roles.

What started as an anti-comedy ended up to be a thoughtfully made film about the differences in the psychology of men and women leading to a heart-warming ending of understanding that communication is all you need to make things work, and that doesn’t have to include you and your significant other sleeping with an old love interest or friend.

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I’d let Holly sleepover again.