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I Origins (2014) - Where to watch this movie onlineReview

I Origins (Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi) (2014)


Director: Mike Cahill

Writer: Mike Cahill

Stars: Michael Pitt, Brit Marling, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Steven Yeun

Studying the evolution of the eye, being fascinated by the subject a researcher reconnects with someone he met during a college party. Her eyes are unique and stay with him forever, rethinking some of his preconceived ideas.

Premiering at the Sundance Festival, "I Origins" is Mike Cahill's second-ever feature after "Another Earth". He and Brit Marling began working together early in their careers, starting with the documentary "Boxers and Ballerinas" in 2004, exploring the U.S.-Cuba conflict from several perspectives. Much like his initial feature film, this feature explores pseudo-scientific concepts in a realistic world. It was produced by Verisimilitude, WeWork Studios, Bersin Pictures and Penny Jane Films while being distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

During his PhD studies, Ian Gray (Michael Pitt) is at a party where he coincidentally meets Sofi, a free-spirited young woman. Years later, still holding on to a photograph he made of her eyes and being fascinated by this part of human physiology, a billboard reminds him of this woman with whom he shared an intimate moment. Eventually, Ian sees her again during a commute. The pair falls deeply in love, although his rationality and her spiritualism clash, and perhaps their connection wasn't meant to be or was it.

Within this pseudo-scientific exploration, Cahill's direction balances a romantic origin with a difference between two vastly different minds. It pushes us to be receptive and grow past enduring heartache and trauma.

I Origins (2014) - IMDbFrom an impassioned and innocent interest, Pitt's scientifically-minded Ian Gray finds himself challenged by the spiritual nature of his love interest in Bergès-Frisbey's Sofi. Everything forms around the scientific work of Pitt's Ian and his intern in Marling's Karen, in addition to colleague Kenny. Pseudo-science and romance clash before merging, and life-altering moments are inevitable.

I Origins (2014) | MUBIMeeting at a college party, the sexual run-in between Ian and Sofi jumpstarts an inevitable journey through life. It may have seemed unAderwhelming, having seen "I Origins" several times before, but it serves a purpose. As scientific research clasps Ian in a tight hold, his interest in the human eye guides his passion. Romantic notions, social aspects, conflict between spiritual-religious tones, and fact-based science clash. Some certainties might not interest everyone such as the overly romantic segments between Bergès-Frisbey and Pitt yet it seems short for those captivated by what Cahill has crafted. This romance is deep and moves fast, providing something that might create doubt within the typical romance audience while proving to be realistically rushed-underdeveloped love. Rarely does every aspect of a movie match the other so immensely well, with moments where a dramatic soundtrack pops up and pacing that has a natural flow.

If I were to point to a moment which captivated me, It'd spoil the surprise. While trying to remain unbiased, Cahill's feature transformed me emotionally when I first saw it and the decades after. This was also one of Steven Yeun's earliest films before breaking through. Perhaps my only gripe with the film would be the last act on rewatching; as the eventual bombshell climax nears, it tends to be over-explanative and possibly the only part I would've shortened. Nevertheless ‘’I Origins’’ remains a favourite of mine, and maybe close to a perfect romantic drama.


I Original.