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Inhumane (2018) - IMDbReview

Inhumane (Thriller) (2018)


Director: Ryan Smithee

Writers: Matt Martin (screenplay), Martin Graham (screenplay)

Stars: Michelle Money, Jason James Richter, Matt Martin, Justin Armstrong

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Criminal Behaviour Analyst Rachel Moreno (Michelle Money) has developed an experimental drug, and she requests her employer to let her and a small team of researchers test it on some of the most violent inmates known. As her request gets approved, she’s granted a secure government facility for the experiment along with her colleagues, namely: Aaron Graybor (Jason James Richards) Maggie Richards (Roxie Blum) and Beverly Gail (Krishna Smitha).  

As the inmates enter their cell, the analyzation of their behaviour starts. Rachel Moreno spends hours watching the camera feeds looking for any changes of behaviour; without a lot of trust in her colleagues. In an experimental study which probably shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Rachel’s colleagues grow weary and act unprofessionally. But at least something is going on in the facility because the inmate’s sure aren’t doing anything, or at least that’s what Rachel thinks. At the same time, the viewer clearly sees strange behaviour which is visible on the camera! So the only reason they’re in the secret facility is voided.

To watch this film is like watching paint dry. It’s extremely rare to see a movie in which so little happens. The plot wasn’t all too good in the first place, but they could’ve done something with it. Instead of the actors just milling through mindless scenes until the climax, which wasn’t that exciting and just hammered home that the performances were stale, to begin with. As with every movie, I’m waiting to be swept off my feet by watching an engaging narrative with shocking plot twists or emotional master classes. Inhumane underwhelmed me, and to be completely honest, it did shock me. It shocked me to conclude that this was the worst film I’ve ever seen and I’m sure it will be for years to come.

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It’s Inhumane to make someone watch this.