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Project Power is a Superhero Movie with a Big Message | by Nancy O. Greene  | MediumReview

Project Power (Sci-Fi/Crime) (2020)


Director: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman

Writer: Mattson Tomlin

Stars: Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker), Dominique Fishback

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When a mysterious benefactor introduces a new drug onto the streets of New Orleans, it doesn't take long for the city to be hooked, despite the initial doubt and hesitance at the point of its inception. Unlike other drugs, it won't make the user hallucinate or calm down; instead, it makes them feel powerful, the comic book kind of powerful. Everyone who takes it develops a particular superpower, and it can be harmful or incredible, it's up to the user to find out.

For fans of superhero sub-genre, there is plenty to see in both TV and Film, and nowadays it's not even exclusive to the major two names in comics anymore, with unique shows like The Boys taking television audiences by storm. With these fresh takes and unique ways of portraying super-powered individuals, the days of having a limited array of films and/or series to pick from in the superhero sub-genre are long gone, yet still, whether we need Project Power as an option is a valid question.

From the start Project Power seems intriguing yet simple, less energetic and over the top than many other superhero films, it's gloomy, and if anything it leans more on the crime/detective genre. This leaves you wondering how they'll introduce the super-powered individuals with their timed bursts super strength, flight or whatever else they have in store. Within time we get our first look at one of these junkie superheroes/villains, and visually it's quite impressive, the execution and impact are on point, and it gets you excited for the next powered junkie to be shown.

Most of the attention goes to Jamie Fox and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, one of which uses the drug himself to acquire both useful and unique power. From the point where our main characters' motives are established, the focus is even more on the crime genre, rather than the superhero/sci-fi side. The priority is given to the teamwork and co-operation between characters to achieve their personal goals, with the entire movie becoming more of a buddy-cop film reminiscent of Bright, having the selling point being used as a backdrop for the plot to lean against.

To answer my own question as to whether Project Power is a needed option for fans of the superhero genre, I'd say it isn't an option at all while being decent and enjoyable or at least visually appealing the plot is paper-thin and feels like something we've seen over and over and over again.

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A projection of what could've been exciting and appealing to the masses.