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Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire (2023) - IMDbReview

Rebel Moon Part One: A Child of Fire (Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure) (2023)


Director: Zack Snyder

Writer: Zack Snyder, Kurt Johnstad, Shay Hatten, 

Stars: Sofia Boutella, Michiel Huisman, Ed Skrein, Charlie Hunnam

Tyrannical forces arrive at an agricultural settlement on a distant moon; their demands state any provision harvested handed over to the empire. As they’re Staying overnight, the presence remains bellicose and ruthlessly cruel to their hosts, which causes a vagabond since recently living within the community to fight back against these oppressors, knowing the action would mean gathering like-minded forces and rising against the empire’s rule.

Originally intended as a series within the Star Wars universe, Zack Snyder emerges with his latest feature transposed to become its own entity. Split into multiple parts, financially entrenched ‘’Rebel Part One: A Child of Fire’’ will be succeeded in 2024 with ‘’Rebel Moon Part Two: The Scargiver’’ and an extended cut of the predecessor. It has been produced by The Stone Quarry and Grand Electric while being distributed by Netflix.

A firm grasp tightens as the Royal Family of the Imperium has been assassinated. Throughout the galaxy, those behind the deed and anyone supporting a rebel cause are brought to justice. This search also reaches Veldt, a backwater moon settlement. Unable to oppose an overwhelming force, the village has to agree to an extortionate demand of harvested goods also staying in the town to establish a presence. A wanderer who since recently has lived there by the name of Kora (Sofia Boutella), feels obligated to intervene against the empire’s oppression. Setting in motion a new rebellion with a drive to protect Veldt and its citizens.

In conclusion, of Snyder’s DC Comics era, handing the reins over to James Gunn. Snyder’s space opera sees a latent idea presented on the silver screen at last. Visual spectacle, such as seen in films such as ‘’300’’, ‘’300: Rise of an Empire’’, ‘’Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’’ and ‘’Justice League’’ in a way specific to this one-of-a-kind director. Straying from known properties and creating a new universe from scratch, perhaps competing with the established order.

Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon confirms runtime ahead of Netflix releaseFrom ‘’Star Wars’’ to ‘’Dune’’ and even gaming franchises such as ‘’Destiny’’ and ‘’Warhammer 40K’’, ‘’Rebel Moon’’ aims to leave these traditional ideas and a cornucopia of others in its shadow, providing such flair we’re used to with Snyder. It gradually develops in a tremendous running time, tardily trying to introduce major subjects and characters alike—choices such as beginning with a humdrum village of farmers and an antagonistic empire proving wise, later broaching foreign elements seen in other sci-fi properties such as alien races and galactic cities. Each decision furthers a band of heroes in a rebel faction, which is not THE rebel faction, nevertheless much needed for development.

Zack Snyder's "Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire" Trailer Reveals  First Installment of his Sci-Fi Saga - The CreditsFrom an all-powerful and authoritative introduction, within a subdued settlement. Having Ed Skrein almost be too convincing of Space Nazi, or Space Roman—since having severe elements of both. Working towards an action scene equalling the warehouse brawl from ‘’Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’’ in my opinion, Snyder shows what he’s effective at, even if you’re not fond of his visual glare-heavy saturated aesthetic. Moving forward, that inner-force is somewhat lost, even with a myriad of further action scenes and character introductions. What the film seems to struggle with is primarily pacing and development, even making a case for world-building, which is borrowed for the most part but can be looked past. Despite knowing Boutella’s Kora, there’s never much sense of attachment to others, and little time is put into the backstory or relations between the crew. Rushing from one moment to the next major set piece, there’s little incentive to do anything but be in awe with the flashing lights and effects. Performances themselves, seeing the line-up without re-mentioning Ed Skrein’s Space Roman, were fine, as the cast itself is fairly pricey. Only being typically broody, that’s just a Snyder-ism you’ll have to accept at this point. This feature can be easily described as self-serious, over-the-top, gritty, and most of all, enormously Snyder show your fan pass at the door; otherwise, you can enter, but you’ll likely leave part-way through.

Two hours of pomp and circumstance without much meaning. Yet, I’d be lying if I wasn’t entertained by the idea of an extended cut. The possibility of a much grittier and darker sci-fi universe would’ve had me delighted, anything unafraid and determinate. Snyder isn’t quite there despite hitting notes. While the extended version might improve the overall satisfaction of this introductory feature and peaks my curiosity as an avid cinephile and critic, I’m never fond of plans for sequels before an initial success, which it doesn’t seem ‘’Rebel Part One: A Child of Fire’’ has. There’s a term I use, often for Marvel films; that term is ‘’Popcorn Entertainment’’ for Zack Snyder, it didn’t seem accurate. Instead, introducing a new term, ‘’Macaroni and Cheese Entertainment’’ it’s bold, yet mostly flavourless, with fans finding comfort in the bland-tasting familiarity it brings.


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