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Redirected - Film - Acquista/Noleggia - Rakuten TVReview

Redirected (Comedy, Crime) (2014)

Director: Emilis Velyvis

Writer: Emilis Velyvis, Jonas Banys, Lewis Britnell

Stars: Gil Darnell, Oliver Jackson, Scot Williams, Anthony Strachan

Robbing a high-stakes poker game, three friends and a fourth who is entirely unprepared since being kidnapped to be implicated in the crime have to flee the country as the criminal they robbed is fuming.

Well-known Lithuanian writer and director Emilis Velyvis, known for several films in his native country, works on a British-feeling comedy crime movie, casting none other than Vinnie Jones as the villainous mob boss. It was primarily filmed in Lithuania and produced by Wellington Films and Kinokultas while being distributed by Koch Films.

Trying to get rich quickly, an unprepared trio of friends are hired for a caper robbing a high-stakes poker game run by a notorious mobster. Needing a fourth man, they kidnap their other friend, forcing him to be the getaway driver. The plan is in shambles, but by miracle, they manage to escape and board a plane to Malaysia. The only unfortunate part is… Due to a volcano erupting in Iceland, they have an unplanned layover in Lithuania.

Much in a similar vein as "Snatch", "The Hangover" and features with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. "Redirected" is a bonkers adventure, yet in a foreign country, Emilis Velyvis knows well how to transfer that base idea, even if it's on steroids.

Redirected (2014)From a trainwreck robbery in Britain, these four friends guide us through Lithuania in several acts. Their unintended arrival in the country delays their dreams of the Malaysian beaches. Instead, they are quickly entirely sidetracked. As they split up, it creates a different scenario, which is usually unfortunate in their case. To make things worse, the gangster known as Golden Pole, played by Vinnie Jones, who they robbed of his money and, more importantly, his prized ring, is after them with his rabble of goons.

Redirected (2014) - Photo Gallery - IMDbThrough the use of foreign language, of which multiple are featured, and a country the bunch is unaccustomed to. With the frantic pace and deranged humour, Velyvis manages to surprise and genuinely presents a British-feeling 00s comedy flick. The situations each of the robbers find themselves in are hilarious on their own and progress in the most absurd manner. If you thought you knew what to expect, you'll be surprised and keep those subtitles off; It's better that way.

While it might not be an absolute masterpiece, "Redirected" deserves a fair position among all-time great British-style comedy action flicks, in my humble opinion. Zany, over-the-top and surprising with the brazen Vinnie Jones knocking heads together, this one stands firm as a situational comedy adventure, not ashamed to do precisely what it wants.


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