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Dev Patel in The Green Knight (2021)Review

The Green Knight (Adventure/Fantasy) [Based on a Poem] (2021)


Director: David Lowery

Writer: David Lowery (Screenplay), Unknown (Based on Poem by)

Stars: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, Sean Harris, Sarita Choudhury

Based upon an Arthurian Legend, Sir Gawain has taken up the open challenge by the mysterious ‘’Green Knight’’ to face him in single combat, with as a catch, if he’s unable to beat him, he’s to travel to the Green Chapel and receive a blow of equal might.

Dev Patel Wields an Axe in New Images from A24's 'The Green Knight' -  Bloody DisgustingUnlike most fantasy films in the same vein, ‘’The Green Knight’’ is a more cinematically traditional take over its more modern high-intensity counterparts. David Lowery has taken inspiration from Arthurian Legend and the specific early medieval poem this film has been based on and created a solemn and sombre world with a distinctly artistic direction.

Being more of an artistically classic film, it creates an interesting niche. Without much action, it’s like a bleak fairy-tale enchanted with unique storytelling that takes you to a near dream-like world, much like if you were reading a book or a novel without broad descriptions of a characters looks or morals. Simply interpreting the art for what it is.

The Green Knight Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

With everyone bound to have their own opinions and feelings when they look at a painting, this artistic film will also divide opinions. The tale feels like an outlandishly weaved storybook where different segments take their own places but not necessarily in a set order.

Casting-wise it is somewhat peculiar seeing Dev Patel playing Ser Gawain. As the film is supposedly set in the early-middle-ages, an Indian man would be improbable to be at the side of a British monarch. Could such a man arrive in England in the later middle ages, quite possibly, but at this point certainly not. Still, this is a modern interpretation, so I’d return to the point of reading a book, imagining what a character looks like, without knowing exactly what features you could place.

Despite not being as extravagant as other fantasy blockbusters, ‘’The Green Knight’’ certainly houses some spectacular effects, such as the design of The Green Knight himself and some other parts which wouldn’t even be noticeably CGI by the typical viewer. All of this, combined with a neatly fitting soundtrack to this glum adventure, made it seem like somewhat of a fantasy version of ’’1917’’ despite not being depicted as a one-take film. 


Feeling green with envy at such a sombre yet incredibly enticing production.