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The Resurrection of Charles Manson (2023) - IMDbReview

The Resurrection of Charles Manson (Horror, Thriller) (2023)


Director: Remy Grillo

Writer: Josh Plasse, Brev Moss

Stars: Katherine Hughes, Josh Plasse, Frank Grillo, Will Peltz

Residing in an Airbnb, a couple tries to film some audition tapes for a project about Charles Manson and his followers. During their stay, one of them gets increasingly tense when his belongings start disappearing, and it seems there’s more to this town’s inhabitants than it seems.

Directed by Remy Grillo—son of Frank Grillo ‘’The Resurrection of Charles Manson’’ presents an uneasy, well-crafted feature debut. Cult elements and trauma are important as the plot plods on. Production for the movie has been assisted by Frank Grillo and Gavin O’Connor to attempt to find a focus in the terse, yet relatively effective horror thriller. It was filmed at the Tranquillity Movie Ranch in Santa Clarita, California and produced by Bolt Films, Dare Angel, Margate House Films, XYZ Productions and Hooligan Dreamers while being distributed by XYZ Films.

To prepare for an audition, playing a follower of Charles Manson, Tiana (Katherine Hughes) and her boyfriend Mitch (Josh Plasse) rent out an Airbnb in small-town California. During their stay, while Tiana focuses on practising her dialogue, Mitch receives strange vibes, from markings in the dirt to ominous pictures and even suspects someone is stalking them inside the residence. Growing more paranoid by the hour and ignored by Tiana there seems to be something abnormal going on within this town and its inhabitants.

The Resurrection Of Charles Mansion (2023) Movie Trailer: Cult Leader Frank  Grillo draws a Couple into His Sinister Plot - IMDbIn limited format, Remy Grillo encapsulates an eerie cult-horror experience, leisurely paced with good intention it presents an unusual and uniquely packed feature that stimulates and makes you question the goings-on throughout.

Simplicity and light romance through a defined lens, gradual narrative development is shown through subtle hints, and initial experiences prompt caution from the kick-off. Once the fuse is lit, Plasse’s Mitch provides a vessel in many ways, narratively yet also as an entry for the viewer. As hints develop of something abnormal, Hughes’ pre-occupied fledgeling actress Tiana seems oblivious.

See Frank Grillo in Trailer for The Resurrection of Charles MansonCertain notes within the feature provide interest, for a horror thriller it delivers on a polished project and any beginning filmmaker should be proud of what is delivered within this unconventional Charles Manson-inspired flick. The gradual pacing makes the eventual climax effective, at least it should. But, the curtain is pulled ineffectively suddenly laying the script bare and with most meaning once again hoping to gain steam but never recovering scarce momentum.

Within ‘’The Resurrection of Charles Manson’’ glimmers sparkle, and while chemistry is equivocally ambivalent notes of manipulation would’ve made a stronger film. While I should stop mentioning it ‘’Get Out’’ is a prime example of relationship manipulation and a solid conclusion. If anything, it’s a short film, and that helps at least. The creep factor is good, but the whole being watched sneaky angle is overused and oversold. From zero to its own version of one hundred—and not selling it in the end.


Not worth the resurrection.