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The Sky Is Everywhere (2022) - IMDbReview

The Sky is Everywhere (Drama, Music, Romance) [Based on Novel] (2022)


Director: Josephine Decker

Writer: Jandy Nelson (Screenplay & Based on Novel by)

Stars: Grace Kaufman, Cherry Jones, Jacques Colimon, Pico Alexander

As a result of her grief for her elder sister Bailey (Havana Rose Liu), Lennie (Grace Kaufman) tries to find her own way in life, searching for the meaning behind life experiences.

Based upon the novel by Jandy Nelson, director Josephine Decker provides a light-hearted yet direct film about losing a loved one and learning to carry on. Filmed in Eureka, California, it is an artful and comedic approach to a challenging subject everyone is familiar with. It’s been produced by A24 and Di Novi Pictures while distributed by A24 and Apple TV+.

The Sky Is Everywhere' Review: An Affectation-Overloaded YA Romance -  VarietyTaking a subject such as death can lead to depressing and dreary films, books or any other creative project. Yet, Nelson and Decker take the topic and turn it on its head. The film is convincingly dramatic and has moments taking advantage of the instigating narrative factor. Still, a bubbly and ultimately cheerful demeanour outshines it, a coming-of-age story through to the bone with art-inspired visuals, music and romance pushing it forward.

The Sky Is Everywhere Reaches Above Cliché | Vanity FairWhile parts of the generally happy film can feel too convenient, ‘’The Sky Is Everywhere’’ presents as a wholesome and balanced endeavour. But, perhaps the most troubling situation it finds itself trapped in is the proximity to not only a great catalogue by Apple TV+ but also an enormous rise in coming-of-age dramas, to mention a couple; ‘’CODA’’ and ‘’Metal Lords’’. Nevertheless, the film does hit most sub-genre pillars and does well while trying. Few additions could’ve made it even better, such as including more flashbacks of Liu’s Bayley providing more of a connection with the positive and negative influences she made on Lennie’s life. As it starts after her death, it can struggle to connect the viewer to the deceased sister, although in the end, I do receive the way it is pictured positively overall.

The accentuation of Lennie and her relationships take away from more minor elements, too, from her high-school rival secretly rooting for her to her eccentric family trying to grieve in their own ways, despite Lennie making it hard on them too with her actions and emotional outbursts. Most profitable would’ve been more dimension in the script as it does fall flatter than it needed to. ‘’The Sky is Everywhere’’ doesn’t quite shine as bright as others but comes close enough to the quality of other AppleTV+ projects to still have an effect.


Like peering through a window and seeing a small yet sizable fraction of the infinite sky.