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Sam Worthington and Taylor Schilling in The Titan (2018)Review

The Titan (Sci-fi, Thriller) (2018)


Director: Lennart Ruff

Writers: Max Hurwitz (screenplay), Arash Amel (story)

Stars: Sam Worthington, Taylor Schilling, Tom Wilkinson, Corey Johnson

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Several soldiers from different NATO countries are transported to a remote base somewhere in Spain. They have been chosen for a genetic experiment, aimed to alter their bodies so that they’ll be able to survive on Saturn’s largest moon: Titan.

Everyone present in the base has signed extensive contracts and are entirely willing to alter their genetic nature; however, it’s far from safe. Everything about the research is thoroughly researched before-hand, the lead professor has concluded that Titan is the only planet besides Earth that has an atmosphere. So either this is an alternate universe than the one we live in or the creators of the plot never learned astrology in school. Anyways, due to this ‘’fact,’’ there’s nothing else that can be done besides what’s planned.

Purely looking at the visuals The Titan sets itself apart from many other films using stunning locale’s and dressing them up with all kinds of sci-fi props, on top of this, the main characters are believable and just familiar enough to form some sort of connection. However, the script truly puts a negative cover on the entire film not only due to the lack of scientific truth but due to it being lacklustre and undeveloped as well. Apart from the main characters, there’s a severe lack of character development. It’s a given at the beginning that bodies will eventually start dropping, which is an excellent opportunity for the script to begin building characters up so the audience can connect to the other soldiers only for them to be taken away, creating emotional impact. Sadly this wasn’t taken advantage of instead focusing on particular characters.

With good writers and legitimately backed up science, this could’ve been a great movie or even a series! All the negative’s taken into account it’s still a good movie. But in the final act it worsens once again throwing everything it set up before away. The film could’ve taken several more interesting directions but turned into an oversimplified disappointment.

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Far from a Titan in cinematic experiences.