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Upgraded (2024) - IMDbReview

Upgraded (Romance, Comedy) (2024)


Director: Carlson Young

Writer: Christine Lenig, Justin Matthews, Luke Spencer Roberts

Stars: Camila Mendes, Marisa Tomei, Archie Renaux, Lena Olin

When travelling to London for her job, a young woman is upgraded to first class, meeting someone she’s consistently trying to one-up; this turns out to be the lie that transforms her life unexpectedly.

Her second feature after debuting with ‘’The Blazing World’’, Carlson Young changes genres providing a feature easily compared to other high society rom-coms. Filmed primarily in England, it was produced by Gulfstream Pictures and Luber Roklin Entertainment in association with Tempo Productions and Future Artists Entertainment and distributed by Amazon Prime Video.

Temporarily staying at her sister’s apartment, Ana (Camila Mendes) is an intern for a strict Director in the art business. After being noticed for her efforts, she’s asked to come along on a trip to London as the boss’ 3rd Assistant. Bullied by the stuck-up other Assistants, she hits a stroke of luck being upgraded to first class, meeting a guy she accidentally bumped into in the lounge. Acting like she belongs, telling him she’s a notable Art Director soon lands her in the upper circles of society and carries her in unexpected directions.

While uncomplicated and straightforward, Young’s feature presents much-needed tones in an oversaturated genre. It is delivered as comfortable with its presence and rarely veers off that track.

Upgraded starring Camila Mendes and Archie Renaux won't be on Netflix  (where to watchFrom hapless intern to promising prospects, ‘’Upgraded’’ comes across as a rags-to-riches rom-com with an inspiration of ‘’Cinderella’’. Transitions from start to end are nearly too easy and smooth, even when every obstacle is thrown in Ana’s direction. Positives are overbearing, which genuinely isn’t an issue. Our protagonist isn’t falling into her love interest’s arms and doesn’t necessarily rely on it either, ‘’Upgraded’’ proves traditionally feministic, woman-empowering tones don’t have to be overdone; she’s a woman and works hard for her career, even if she happens to find a man on the journey.

Camila Mendes stars as Ana Santos in UPGRADED.Coming into ‘’Upgraded,’’ it appears strenuous from the outset. As the narrative takes time to establish itself, gradually gaining steam, Marisa Tomei stands out first and allows the viewer to appreciate the simplicity and style of a typical yet surprising picture. Adult-oriented yet immature jokes rely on the audience they attract, yet Saoirse-Monica Jackson’s Amy can be described as a tremendous annoyance. Luckily, apart from a long-distance phone call or two, she barely appears after the New York introduction. Ana’s stay in London swims by with her romantic interest in Renaux’s William and, perhaps even better, his on-screen mother in Olin’s Catherine and Head’s Julian. There’s a natural swing between Ana’s developing social life between these characters and her professional life at the auction site.

Surprise is the most favourable reaction to any film, especially with a fairly young director. Any romantic comedy, especially on a major streaming service, isn’t something I look forward to. But, Young’s feature stands with the best I’ve seen, such as ‘’I Want You Back’’ and ‘’Somebody I Used to Know’’ it seems Amazon Prime is quickly claiming the position of providing the crème de la crème in this specific genre.


An upgrade to most rom-coms.