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The Jealous Fisherman

Published: 21-05-2020

The Jealous Fisherman

Jemiah was a fisherman in a small town where he lived with his wife Jara-Mei, he always caught the biggest fish, bigger than anyone had ever seen. The two of them lived very happily in this small fishing village, that was until a new fisherman drifted up to the docks. The man boasted about all the enormous fish he usually caught, soon he grew close to Jara-Mei and this grew on Jemiah’s nerves.

Day after day Jemiah came home with a freshly caught batch of huge fish never for a moment stopping to see his wife’s gleeful expression the only thing he saw was the new fisherman and Jara-Mei together this lead to Jemiah’s jealousy growing as he soon decided he needed to prove himself by hunting the largest most dangerous fish ever seen by man. And so he set out to sail the ocean.. In hunt of this monstrous catch.

Weeks went by quickly turning to months as Jara-Mei awaited the return of her once so loving husband. He never returned.. Jara- Mei knew he would never return and she mourned for him as the new fisherman came by her house once again, he tried to console her but Jara-Mei would have none of it as she angrily sent him away. He left disappointed leaving his latest catch on the table.. A sardine barely the size of his palm.


[Moral of the Story]

Don't let jealousy get to you, as its most likely just a figment of your imagination

Author: Mark de Graaf

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