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The Scam

Published: 21-05-2020

Freedom. The width of the road supporting many wheels, my own and many other travellers. Today was easy riding. The name is Jerry Mayfield, the rig under my ass proves that I earn my money... Fast and easy... Too easy.

How, do you ask?

It's easy really... Living in a small town in the middle of America, land of the fucking free and home of the brave... Home of the marks if you'd ask me...

Been pulling this thing for a long time now... Got me my house, my car... Everything really. All on a High School education, If my old teachers would only see me now.

Now on to business... Been calling this woman... On welfare, two children and barely enough money to pay the rent. Perfect really. You offer people like that a branch and they take the tree without even asking questions. Routine and off the books... Can't help but smile.

So walking into the diner we arranged to meet, I spot her, move into the booth ask her if she's the person I talked to on the phone... Even though I smell desperate cases like that from afar... Like a puppy lapping up some milk with her tongue, she nods and smiles, I use expensive words I know she won't understand... Before long we shake hands and the deal is set. Suppressing my glee is the hardest part... Should I buy a new car next? Maybe a nice tailored suit... Then walking down to my car I'm getting a call... Associate o' mine he tells me that they're on to me, for what?! I laugh... That's when two men in grey suits rush around the corner twisting my arm on my back pushing me to the bonnet of my car... The day I got caught... Too easy.. It was all too easy...

Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of law... Right now... Look forward to jail.

Jerry Mayfield charged with racketeering and extortion.
Prisoner number 58738

Author: Mark de Graaf

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